Monday, August 22, 2011

Timeout Boy at the Jets Game

This Sunday night I took my two year old boy to his first ever Jets game.  A good friend of mine gave us his preseason tickets against the Bengals, so after checking that the weather would be partly cloudy, I decided to take them.  Of course, the weather suddenly changed once we started actually making plans.

We went looking for a jersey for the kid, and it took some searching to finally find one.  We tried Target, Babies R Us and Modell's, but none of them had it.  We found a really nice one at Sports Authority, but we didn't feel like spending $60 for something he would only wear a few times really.  We ended up at Kohl's and were surprised to find a Mark Sanchez jersey for $32, so we went for it.

Here is a picture of my kid in his number 6 and me in my Wayne Chrebet 80:

We couldn't find one small enough for Monkey the Bear though, so he had to settle for a bib:

One of my best friends happened to be vacationing in the country, so I figured since we had an extra ticket, he could come with us.  He decided to come along even though he's not exactly into sports.  It took some time for Timeout Boy to warm up to "Uncle", but by the end of the night he was holding his hand on the escalator.  Here we are on the way up the "alligator", as Timeout Boy would say:

We were all the way up in section 340, so he enjoyed a lot of escalator rides:

I would admit I'm not an expert with the whole game experience.  Even though the whole forecast had changed, I guess my wife and I were both a little overwhelmed with the excitement because we totally forgot to bring ponchos, towels or even hats for the rain.  Also, I passed by some tailgaters that I was familiar with via Twitter so I stopped by to say hello.  But when I was asked, "Who else do you know on Twitter?" I kind of drew a blank.  Haha!  O-welles.  Also, we had to change the little kiddo's diaper and his green pants were soaked so we had to find another one and I was worried the extra one would be blue and I would never want him to wear blue to a Jets game and so on.

So anyways, as we settled in our seats all the way up in the heavens, we looked up at the darkening sky and realized, we left the hats in the car.  Timeout Boy was happy though.  He would feel the drops on his face and smile so wide.  We would never let him out in the rain in any other circumstance.  We sat there for a while, but then common sense took over and we seeked shelter.  I told my friend he was lucky that my son was there because if not, we would have stayed all game in the rain.

We went back for a few minutes during player introductions, and my son looked so excited.  He was mostly staring up at the crowds, so I had to point him down towards the field.  He turned around just in time to see Sanchise running out.  And then Santonio Holmes after.  Timeout Boy had such a terrific wide-eyed look of awe and wonder.  It was totally worth it just for that.

We then sat around the sheltered part of the stadium.  We walked up and down some of the stairs, which Timeout Boy totally loved.  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the whole night, he would see the fans in their Jets jerseys and say, "Look, it's Jets."  And, "There's another Jets."

The wife was kind enough to offer that my friend and I watch while she stayed with Timeout Boy.  So I said yes.  But we only watched the first quarter before deciding to leave.  Here is my son enjoying his milk and goldfish as they waited for us:

It was kind of a short night, but it turned out fine because we ended up getting home just at his bedtime.  (Okay, it was about a half hour later than, but still).

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  1. The way you describe his expression reminds me of how amazed I was the first game I went to with my Dad when I was little. I remember not knowing where to look or what to focus on.

    You're passing on a complicated legacy, there. I wish him luck in the years ahead rooting for the Gang Green.